Special Forces UDT Combat Diver

Special Forces - UDT Combat Diver

Combat Diver Training enables the Special Forces to handle water-borne and underwater missions. The anonymity of the ocean allows for the execution of extremely clandestine operations that may never be publicly acknowledged or ever spoken of. While not as well known as the Navy Seals, Special Forces divers are among the elite of the United States Armed Forces.

UDT Diver UDT Combat Diver

The base for this figure is made from acrylic gel medium, paint, and some sand and concrete to create the beach and the frothy ocean surf washing against it. I was worried it would not dry in time for the contest but the results turned out well. The glossy gel medium is transparent and looks very wet when applied. I built-up layers of gel with a little bit of color for the foam of the surf.

UDT Diver

The cover shot of Special Operations Report featuring a pair of divers coming ashore with weapons at the ready was all the inspiration I needed to put this figure together.

Special Forces Diver
UDT Combat Diver

I entered this figure into the modern category at the Weekend of Heroes 2006 action figure contest and won first place just nearly managing to complete it in time. The look of a soldier just coming out of the surf was very striking and the perfect subject.

Special Forces Diver

Combat divers have quite a bit of gear which makes for an interesting subject. The first representation of the Dräeger LAR-V rebreather was from the Ultimate Soldier Navy Seal set. The gear I used was from Dragon Navy SEAL Stan which was quite a bit more detailed. With the popularity of UDT and SEAL figures, quite a few companies have produced good scale diving gear.

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