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One Sixth Warrior Forum (OSW)
One of the largest message boards covering the broad topic of anything in the 1/6 world. This board focuses predominately on military-themed figures.
Men With Dolls (MWD)
This message board specializes in one sixth female figures and also contains a great GI Joe section.
Sixth Division
The Sixth Division
The Sixth Division is very large message board that focuses on WWII. Even if you are not into WWII figures, many helpful modeling skills can be learned from the board and its helpful tutorial section.
The major Japanese message board for one-sixth figures.
A message board focusing on 1/6th Scale Action Figures of the Viet Nam Era.
Green Leader
The Ultimate Soldier Unofficial Fan Page
Also known as Green Leader's site, the Ultimate Soldier Unofficial Fan Page was one of the first action figure pages on the internet. It is a knowledgebase of all things Ultimate Soldier including a comprehensive archives section. This is a huge site with thousands of photos and many great contributors.
personal websites
loco ss
This website features an outstanding 1/6 figure gallery.
mini troopers
Mini Troopers
This website showcases some very nice custom special forces military figures.
An excellent showcase of the customizer known as Custom Dawg. A large collection of classic and unique 1/6 figures. Check out the movie figures when you visit.
If you are looking to buy WWII 1:6 armor or just like to browse, I would suggest visiting panzerwerk. They have a wonderful gallery of 1/6 scale tanks and other big vehicles from the WWII era and the quality of their products is top notch.
G2 Orbital Research Complex
A very interesting website by the customizer Gaia-gear. Many of his works have a futuristic science fiction feel to them.
doc teutonic
Doctor T's Offworld
Check out what my friend Doctor Teutonic is working on. His site features a mix of fantasy sci-fi, female, and military custom action figures.
Angry Armoury
Angry Armoury
If you like hand-made armor suits this is the website for you. Angry Armoury has tutorials on making your own armor,
as well as pictures and other information on these historical pieces.
Fortress of Testicular Fortitude
A blog about collecting by Shaun in Singapore. Check out his incredible collection.
One Shot's World
One Shot's World
One Shot's World is a 1/6 blog with news relating to the world of one-sixth action figures. Also his site features a message board and an area to trade. Check out his blog for more information.
Ryan Nagata
Ryan Nagata
Ryan Nagata has a small gallery of this work on his website and I must say each of them are top notch!
ultimate soldier
21st century toys (TUS)
One of the larger manufacturers of mass market action figures, The Ultimate Soldier, due to bankruptcy, their website no longer exists!
blue box toys (bbi)
Makers of the Elite Force and Pb action figure lines.
A mass-market version of the Elite Force line is available at major retail chains.
dragon models (dml)
Dragon originally made model kits but branched off into one-sixth figures and accessories. Available at hobby stores.
dragon in dreams (Did)
Dragon in Dreams is a direct competitor with Dragon. Both companies primarily focus on WWII military figures.
12 Inch Warriors
GI Joe (Hasbro)
Hasbro is the manufacturer G.I. Joe toys. Possibly also a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.
Hot Toys
Hot toys
A small company with some major movie licenses such as Aliens and Robocop. Figures tend to be on the large end of the scale and have prices to match.
Soldier Story
Soldier Story
A newcomer to the action figure market. Appears to be direct competition for Hot Toys military figures.
Triad Toys
Triad Toys
Triad Toys is a small company specializing in ultra detailed and specially posable action figures and accessories.
Sideshow Collectibles (SSC)
A comic book collectibles company with some very big licenses like Star Wars. Also distributes for companies such as Hot Toys & Medicom.
Toy Soldier
Toy Soldier
A small Hong Kong based company specializing in Modern and Vietnam-era figures and gear.
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