One Sixth Scale Supplies
one sixth scale printables

Free one-sixth scale sized printables for your action figures are available in .pdf format. Download and save them to your computer or print them right off the website.
Pop Smoke to mark
your location
10 assorted Vietnam-era
smoke grenade labels.
1/6 printables
For lucky best wash,
use Mr. Sparkle
Your figures can also use the
detergent from the Simpsons.
1/6 printables
Vintage Playboy
Help your figures pass time with
a vintage magazine subscription.
1/6 printables
September never
looked so good
Keep track of your deros with
a vintage Playboy calendar
1/6 printables.
When your out of Schlitz
your out of beer
This fine case of Schlitz Beer will
keep the firebase parties going
all night long.
1/6 printables
Ham and Limas
or Turkey, Boned
When not being consumed, the C-ration
case and liner also makes for great combat furniture around the hootch.
1/6 printables
warning: cigarette smoking
may be harmful to action figures
These packs are recreations of
c-ration cigarette boxes and vintage
packs of several popular brands.
1/6 printables
Looking for a
Saigon Seamstress
Mitchell pattern camouflage was used
for helmet covers in Vietnam and also for
shelter halves. This file is a full page swatch.
1/6 printables
Oh lovely
A few posters, pinups,
and snapshots to keep your
hootch looking beautiful.
1/6 printables
Spread the news! A page of stickers
ready for printing and sticking.
1/6 printables
Projects in Progress
what do you suppose all this means?

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